Proceedings of TSFP-6 (2009) Seoul

Contents of Volume 1

Contents of Volume 2

Contents of Volume 3


 Contents of Volume 1




Invited Lectures

   H. Pitsch, Stanford University

   P. Orlandi, University of Rome (La Sapienza)


Turbulent Boundary Layers I

   R. Mathis, N. Hutchins, and I. Marusic

   K. Matsubara, A. Matsui, T. Miura, K. Kawai, M. Kobayashi, and H. Suto

   M. Guala, L. Armanios, M.M. Metzger, and B.J. McKeon

   G.E. Elsinga, and I. Marusic

   K. Kim, H.J. Sung, and R.J. Adrian


Heat Transfer / Combustion I

   H. Suzuki, K. Nagata, Y. Sakai, T. Hayase, and T. Kubo

   S. Ishimoto, M. Sato, T. Seo, M. Tanahashi, and T. Miyauchi

   H. Abe, and R.A. Antonia

   V.S.R. Somandepalli, Y.X. Hou, and M.G. Mungal

   O. Cabrit, and F. Nicoud


Fundamentals I

   L. Rossi, J.M.G. de la Cruz, S. Bocquet, and S. Lardeau

   E.E. Akylas, S.C. Kassinos, D.W.I. Rouson, and X. Xu

   O. Ertunc, H. Lienhart, and F. Durst

   Y. Choi, and C. Lee

   Correlation Equation / M. Oberlack, and G. Khujadze


Instability / Transition I

   C.J. Mack, P.J. Schmid, and J.L. Sesterhenn

   Turbulent Boundary Layers / G. Pujals, C. Cossu, and S. Depardon

   K.V. Manu, J. Mathew, and J. Dey

   D.J. Kuik, C. Poelma, B. Hof, and J. Westerweel

   M. Nishi, O. Ertunc, and A. Delgado


Turbulent Boundary Layers II

   B. Ganapathisubramani, N. Hutchins, J.P. Monty, H. Ng, and I. Marusic

   J.-H. Lee, and H.J. Sung

   Y. Hwang, and C. Cossu

   S. Imayama, Y. Yamamoto, and Y. Tsuji

   J.-P. Hickey, S. Blakie, C. Gray, and X. Wu


Heat Transfer / Combustion II

   M. Kaczorowski, A. Ebert, C. Wagner, and A. Thess

   T. Houra, and Y. Nagano

   V. Dore, M. Moroni, and A. Cenedese

   Q. Li, P. Schlatter, and D.S. Henningson

   P. Kis, and H. Herwig


Fundamentals II

   E. Sirbubalo, M. Kinzel, S. Jakirlic, and C. Tropea

   G. Khujadze, and M. Oberlack

   I. Vinkovic, and F.G. Schmitt

   S. Fu, and S. Huang

   L.L. Shi, J. Yu, and Y.Z. Liu


Instability / Transition II

   X.Y. Hu, N.A. Adams, and Q. Wang

   T. Coppin, J. Chicheportiche, X. Gloerfelt, and J.-C. Robinet

   I. Yildirim, C.C.M. Rindt, and A.A. van Steenhoven

   S. Klumpp, M. Meinke, and W. Schroder

   H. Shimiya, and K. Naitoh


Turbulent Boundary Layers III

   P. Schlatter, Q. Li, G. Brethouwer, A.V. Johansson, and D.S. Henningson

   S.Y. Jung, and Y.M. Chung

   D. Gayme, B. McKeon, A. Papachristodoulou, and J.C. Doyle

   J. Jimenez, S. Hoyas, M.P. Simens, and Y. Mizuno

   J.P. Monty, and M.S. Chong


Heat Transfer / Combustion III

   A. Devesa, S. Hickel, and N.A. Adams

   M. Falchi, and G.P. Romano

   A.J. Onstad, T.B. Hoberg, C.J. Elkins, and J.K. Eaton

   J. Turnow, N. Kornev, S. Isaev, and E. Hassel

   P. Wang, and J. Frohlich


Fundamentals III

   H. Kobayashi, Y. Tominaga, T. Kubota, M. Tanahashi, and T. Miyauchi

   J. Bodart, J.-B. Cazalbou, and L. Joly

   S. Ghosh, R. Friedrich, and H. Foysi

   S. Tardu

   T. Ishigami, T. Tsukahara, Y. Kawaguchi, and B. Yu



   B. Aupoix, S.C. Kassinos, and C.A. Langer

   T.J. Craft, H. Iacovides, and A. Omranian

   T.J. Craft, H. Iacovides, and P. Momeni

   S.F. Al-Sharif, M.A. Cotton, and T.J. Craft

   C.J. Elkins, M. Alley, J.K. Eaton, F. Mignano, and A. Riahi